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Gyoza No Osho @ Cuppage Plaza

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In my few visits to Cuppage Plaza, Gyoza No Osho at the entrance is one of the first few things that catches my eye. This store is typically filled with hungry youngsters and even the Husband can attest to shoving down plates at this outlet in his teenage days - turns out, this has been around for decades!

A relatively short waiting time and we got ourselves a shared table in between a bunch of hungry army boys and two equally hungry ladies.


Pirikara Negi Ramen ($19)
Soy sauce with Japanese leeks soup noodles


Stamped with a "spicy sign", I was expecting an explosion of fire - given how some spicy ramen dishes can be tongue numbing.

And it was none of that, barely close to hot.




These signature pan fried gyozas were the "bomb" back then, and now they are even sold frozen for those who crave it at home. Greasy for one and crispy to bite, the letdown came when the filling was all of mince - I can barely taste if it is meat or vegeteables or starch.


Tamago Ramen ($15)
Pork stock soup noodles with egg


Supposing the new items did not work out, the classics should be perfection yes?

Meet soggy noodles, a decent tasting broth and I left half my bowl untouched. I could have done a meaner version of instant noodles myself.

Thankfully my initial order of "funky potato" was sold out, otherwise i would have to face a plate of soggy fries and chicken.


Sounds like a value for money set, thanks but no thanks. 

I suppose there is a reason why the past remains the past - be it people, memories or food because times change and so do our expectations. Somehow  this

Gyoza No Osho
10 Cuppage Road

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