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CNY 2016: Tomo Izakaya @ Clarke Quay

~Invited Session~

Unknown to most, I usually head for non-chinese food options during the first few days of CNY - for sheer fear of being fleeced and served subpar food. The last couple of years have seen me scouring Indian restaurants most and subsequently Japanese because they usually close in the first week.

Tomo Izakaya also joins this festive bandwagon with a set menu for 4 priced at $128 or ala carte too! 


Abundance Yusheng ($68)


The presentation of this yusheng had alot going on - yellow tail, salmon and even lobster! Pinenuts instead of crackers and there is even a full manadarin orange to toss in too.


Hokkaido Scallop with Avocado Tar Tar Sweet Perilla Leaf Sauce ($18)

Inspired by the scallop ceviche, this has slivers of scallop sitting atop a bed of avocadoes and dressed in perilla leaf sauce. 


Grilled Duck with Japanese Sour Plum and Fig Sauce ($20)

I found the duck meat a tad dry though top marks for creativity, serving with sour plum and fig sauce for that tangy finish. 


Deep Fried King Prawn with Almond Slice ($28)

Three large prawns coated with almond slices, best eaten with their side condiment of black pepper.


King Crab Claypot Rice ($24)


Dig into this Japanese inspired claypot rice topped with crab meat, egg strips and mushrooms. One hearty finish to the meal. 


Part of this set meal is also a plum cocktail, a cheery and sweet finish. 


Opt for private or mass dining at Tomo Izakaya, a word of caution though the former is super cold!

Tomo Izakaya
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