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Bigmama Korean Restaurant @ Kim Tian Road

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Bigmama at Kim Tian finally fell under our radar - a case of lazy to search high and low for dinner. I mean after so many years at its current location and another outlet under their name, they had to be something decent.

The moment I step foot, I already smelled of barbeque. There was no hiding from leaving the restaurant without reeking of food.


Freeflow Banchan

This freeflow service is typically what makes eating Korean worth the while - but they can also factor the cost into the ala carte dishes and we pay anyway!





Twice was all we managed and my favourites include lotus root salad, anchovies, spinach and glass noodles.


Dakgalbi ($18 per pax, min 2 to dine)
Panfried chicken with vegetables, rice cake, sweet potato and spicy sauce




The waitress does the cooking and it felt like a private chef at some point. A one pan dish of chicken, cabbage, carrots, rice cakes and sweet potato. It definitely did not taste like $36 worth of ingredients though it filled us two to the brim - I suspect it's the carbohydrates at work.


The sighting of the condiment trolley meant that kimchi fried rice is about to be served at the table soon!


Fried Rice ($5 per pax)


One portion to share and it was more than enough, kimchi fried rice fried on the spot with a scattering of seaweed.


Decent homecooked korean fare in a neighbourhood.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant
2 Kim Tian Road

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