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Beauty in a pot @ One KM Mall

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Riding on a hotpot high after rekindling my love for Hai Di Lao, I was strongly recommended to give Beauty in a pot a chance. Some say it is way better than HDL, some say no turning back after checking Beauty out. Under Paradise Group, this joins their stable of restaurants.

The first time saw me being turned away at 8pm and the earliest table was available at 12 midnight, the waitress even quipped "We are open till 3am!". So now I know where my fellow Singaporeans head for supper these days.


Broth ($25)

Just two broths for selection, chicken collagen or mala hotpot that was packed with herbs like dang gui, dang shen, wolfberries and red dates. Made with the same chicken base, the chicken broth stood out for its nutritious finish and mala came in three different levels of spiciness. The medium heat was bearable for me, a full time chilli padi consumer.


Side skimmer to remove the foam from the broth as and when. 


Beancurd Skin ($3.50)


Crinkled and rolled up into scrolls, these were recommended for just dipping and eating straight, I preferred it soaking wet though and it gets soggy with its soup juices.


Sliced US Short Ribs ($8)

Sliced Lamb ($8)

Both were fresh and did not have any of the gamey aftertaste that some frozen foods do. Perfect with mala!


Ramen ($2.70)

None of the theatrics that involves a noodle master, this was just a ball of ramen that was uber delicious with the mala broth.


Ebiko Prawn Paste ($14)


Visually very pleasing with the fish roe topping, this works like fish paste in a hot pot. Dish and cook in boiling broth. I liked the bouncy texture of the prawn paste and the popping finish that came from the ebiko roe, very creative!


Mushroom Platter ($13)

This is a must for my hotpot sessions, somehow the mushrooms make all the difference in the meat broths.


Spinach ($3)


Dipping sauces and rice are included in the surcharge of $2.50 per pax, plus there is pomelo sorbet on the house as dessert.


Impeccable service yet HDL still trumps for me - the broth itself is unbeatable.

Beauty in a Pot
One KM Mall

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