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Wing Stop @ Bedok Mall

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The fried chicken craze after KFC has taken a chicky flight on its own and spun off so many other brands - and how lucky are we fried chicken fans. Two Wings has taken the crown for my idea of yummiest fried food alive, and then there's 4Fingers specializing in wings only and here comes Wing Stop - a joint that I am rather unfamiliar with.

Did someone mention Sunset Grill before? That, was perhaps the start of this wing frenzy.


Two plates of sin. Mind you they were dripping in oil too. First turn off.


Garlic and Parmesan Wings

Their chicken wings are sold classic or boneless and come in an array of flavours and for first timers I suggest opting for friendlier flavours.

Garlic and parmesan worked well for us except for the grease and parmesan that ended up caking the wings.


Nacho cheese sauce came at an upgrade cost. It baffles me why the waitress could not just give me what I ordered but chose to confirm at every single item and then include surcharges.

So the combo includes 3 chicken tenders, 1 salad and a drink.


Thick tenders that were a tad too oily and the batter could not even stick to the chicken.

A disappointing visit that left us too full to even complete our meal. The curse of oil laden food, really.

Wing Stop
Bedok Mall

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