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The Rotisserie @ Claymore Connect

~Invited Session~


Back in the days of CBD, I stumbled upon The Rotisserie and never looked back on finding another place for roast chicken.

New to me and possibly Orchard is Claymore Connect - rebranded. It used to be the place behind Delphi Orchard to me and now, a swanky new mall.


The all too familiar counter with the hot and cold vegetables.


Pea and Ham soup, slurps!


The rows of roast chicken - squawking goodness!


I used to take a long time to decide what salad to go for because all look so good!


Medley of sauces is a must every visit, goes well with the hot chips especially!


Smoked Salmon Bagel with Cream Cheese ($9)

All day brunch has gotten so prevalent, having breakfast at dinner does not seem such a foreign idea anymore! Far and few places do good bagels - I love mine chewy with a hint of fragrance and The Rotisserie has a pretty darn fine recipe for this! Who does not love a smoked salmon and cream cheese combo?


Steak Sandwich with Bacon ($14)

Steak seared with melted cheese and bacon, served with their signature cauliflower gratin, buttered corn and peas. Hearty portions and so juicy!  I say this over the burger option anyday!


Leg Ham Panini ($10)
Shaved Leg Ham, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese, Seeded Mustard

Paninis are my best answer to hearty sandwiches, without the chunkiness of thick breads. Loved the toasted sides and melted cheese!

Soup of the Day ($6)

Ham and pea soup, as ill matched as they sound ended up being really tasty. Looks like baby food, tastes soooo good. Plus, it was more of a puree texture than broth.


Half Roasted Chicken ($18)
Hot Chips

Last but not the very least, their signature roast chicken. I can never leave The Rotisserie without an order of this crispy skinned tender poultry dish - best consumed with a drizzle of the sauce and those chips!


Oh yes, catering is up their alley too. Someone please just have a roast chicken and hot chips party already!

Established in November 2010, the laidback, quick serve restaurant has since garnered a loyal following of discerning customers with an appetite for quality Western comfort food at wallet-friendly prices.

With an all day brunch menu too - this is one place with something for everyone.

The Rotisserie
Claymore Connect

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