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Peach Garden @ Miramar Hotel


50% off dimsum from Mondays to Saturdays over lunch was the main draw for this visit and before I go on and praise it to the moon and stars, what was supposed to be a value for money offer ended up being a ridiculously expensive affair for us. There was no mention of a CNY markup for all items, which we only knew at point of payment.

Visit made on 23rd January, supposedly within their "CNY period".

Dimsum items were clearly marked up

Turns out the dimsum sheet was reduced to that mere 20 items, half fried and steamed missing out on obvious staples like rice rolls, glutinous rice and even porridge. Even at 50% off each item was hovering at $6 a steamer.










CNY Surcharge on ala carte menu

Now this was most frustrating. The menu itself had no mention of sizing for their mains, there was just one price listed and neither did the captain say anything about the surcharge or catering a larger portion than publicized portion.


We ended up with a Seafood Eefu Noodle for $84, 10 of us working out each bowl to be a daylight robbery of $10, GST and service charge included.


Teacup for reference.


Roast Meat Platter for 10, no mention on the menu once again. What is it with sneaky prices and hidden items? The captain simply offered us this option for a platter with 3 types and good for 10 - this was a catch which neither of us caught. Granted a full portion of roast pork  and char siew was $30 odd each and a full duck in its full roasted glory perhaps $80. Note the full portions and their prices.

So assuming we ordered full portions of the abovementioned it would have just been $140 perhaps? Ended up this platter with more than one portion of roast pork and charsiew and also something that barely looked like half a duck came up to $134. A subsequent phone call revealed there was indeed CNY surcharges during this period. Ho-seh.

Blinked twice too.

The most expensive roast meat platter I have ever eaten - even if the roast duck was so good, I would have mistaken it for goose. Fine, I would fork out $134 for even just goose on its own, Kam's Roast Goose standard only.


Vegetables for 10 to an awesome tune of $42 too, I was already speechless. Stir fried vegetables with garlic. I wonder how many packets went into it though.


Did I also mention two oranges and two plates of nut candies set us back by $16 before taxes? I was almost duped into believing this was part of the festive goodwill. 

Well played Peach Garden, I probably will never ever ever order ala carte again at your premise. Food was not exceptional, it was decent and we paid our price for this. If Newton Food Center is known for dirty tactics, Peach Garden is not too far off themselves.

$512 for a table of 10 and all of that, a lesson learnt never to fall prey to festive surcharges and too good to be true dimsum promotions. Again. Oh yes, the dude over the phone even quipped it would be more worthwhile to eat dimsum on a normal weekend than over CNY.

Peach Garden
Miramar Hotel

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