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Pasta Fresca @ East Coast Road

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Pasta Fresca is one of those restaurants that have been around since forever, by forever it probably started in my schooling days and the last visit was an unfortunate good old decade ago. A neighbourhood Italian eatery that probably won the hearts and stomachs of those who reside nearby and thankfully for a revamp, we paid it an overdue visit.


This was perhaps the tell tale sign of how authentic the restaurant is. 


Soup of the Day ($9.80)

Creamy mushroom soup that could do with a slice of garlic bread. 


Marinara Pizza ($14.20)

9 inches or 12, depending on your appetite. I was happy to just take on 9. A pretty good deal especially when the same price applied across all flavours for 9 inches but 12 inches would mean different prices.

A pasty dough base with seafood, olives and cheese plonked on top. Lack lustre at best but strangely, it was better effort than the pasta. 


Chicken Alfredo ($19.20)


They now do handmade pastas and have a wider range to select from. This came with fettucine and al dente except the cream sauce was overpowering  - sharing is highly recommended. Unfortunately the tastebuds have been so pampered that the frozen chicken aftertaste was too strong for comfort too. A huge pity in my opinion.

Still a mediocre joint and competition is exceptionally stiff with my favourite Al Forno just further down the road.

Pasta Fresca
77 East Coast Road

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