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Omar Shariff Home Delivery

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Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of ordering Indian Food takeaway beyond murtabaks and pratas. Well never say never the cliche saying always goes and there was a week where I had to order in almost daily and it was time to exercise my chops when it came to finding a reasonably priced caterer without ridiculous surcharges.


For sure going through a third party provider does involve some administrative fees and thankfully Omar Shariff had none of that - just a catch, minimum $40 order for free delivery and at $50, each other comes with a complimentary half portion of Tandoori Chicken.


Dinner is served, without a fuss.


Vegetable Samosa ($5.90)

I was surprised it was still crispy after the bumpy ride from Sixth Avennue! Not the bestest of samosas eaten but hey, after the long wait it was a major surprise especially when paired with their tantalizing mint chutney dip.


Omar Shariff Briyani ($$17.90)

Fluffy briyani rice studded with chicken and mutton pieces and a boiled egg within. Incredibly fragrant and light, this briyani was easy to get full on by itself. Even more perfect with the delicious curries.

Fish Curry ($16.90)

Filled with dory fish chunks, I would have much preferred a fish with better texture and more bite. The curry itself albeit on the watery side but was complementary to the other heavier dishes.


Bhindi Do Piaza ($10.90)

The first time eating curry ladies fingers, this was actually very tasty!


Tandoor Chicken ($14.90)

A recipe perfected over the grill, this tandoor chicken had both the succulence and fragrance. I always find it hard to choose between curry and grill for meats and this definitely had me in a tougher decision for future orders.


This takeout dinner was a gamble that paid off, we had a belly good time and would definitely consider another of these options.

The waiting time is definitely not for the ravenous or faint hearted, the supposed 60-70 minute wait in reality was 90 minutes worth and weather conditions were fine and dandy. I suppose harsh weather conditions would mean ordering dinner at lunch to play safe.

Omar Shariff
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