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Mrs Pho @ Beach Road

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Mrs Pho at Beach Road has been gaining a strong following - a hole in wall eatery that easily sits thirty quite uncomfortably but that has not stopped throngs from paying homage.


We shyed away from the weekend lunch hour and arrived at 2pm, only to be met by a crowded restaurant.

Almost skin to skin in such proximity. 


There is something about the minimalistic, lack of decor and finesse that makes the outlet charming.


A single foldable menu with all the gems - look up to the walls for specials too! We had a hard time deciding what to eat simply because everything sounded so delicious.


Organic Vietnamese Coffee ($3)


Something about these chinese designed sauce plates, so chingchong but I'm lovin' them! 


Vietnamese Papaya Salad with Prawn and Pork ($6.50)

Move over thai salad, here is one that piques the senses and tastebuds hugely! The tangy sauce with the tart papaya slices and smattering of fried onions and herbs promises an unforgettable appetizer.


Fried Pork Spring Roll ($3)


I love fried spring rolls, period. Regardless of country of origin. Mrs Pho's version is slightly different from the other vietnamese fried rolls - it could be the rice paper, or being stuffed to the brim with minced meat and black fungus. That dipping sauce on its own opens a world of delight - delicious! I loved the price too!


Sliced Beef Noodle Soup ($7.90)

Pho is a must, pho real. Puns aside, I always eat pho to get a gauge of the restaurant's authenticity. Mrs Pho is definitely localized but I am hooked. The number of pho dishes are enough to get your mind boggled.


With all things going right from the hearty and sweet broth to the generous slices of beef and copious amounts of spring onions (I can dunk as much chilli as I want without the ridiculous surcharges another Vietnamese chain charges), I wish the noodles had more spring in them. These were normal kuay teow though.


Special Beef Combo Noodle Soup ($8.90)

When in doubt go for the combo with beef brisket, slices and balls too!


Om nom nom, soooo good!


I love seeing my table brimming with food - especially one with so many colours!



Feels just like Vietnam with a road view to boot.

Mrs Pho, oh Mrs Pho. My first and not the last.

Since Yummy Viet, I thought I will not be able to find another Vietnamese place that can wow. Mrs Pho, a name that now sticks and is possibly our island's best - phonomenal.

Mrs Pho
349 Beach Road

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