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L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle @ Singapore Shopping Center

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2015 has been good to me, first there was a discovery of my idea of best tarts and now eclairs. See the thing about a good eclair is, I like my choux pastry light and plumped with filling. Flavours should be intense and distinct.

Since the other brush with the highly instagrammable eclair that got me jawdropping on prices, sizes and lastly taste, I had my reservations about L'ÉCLAIR by Sarah Michelle.  Was it yet another stab at a series of very pretty and instagrammable pastries under a fanciful name with a Le Cordon Bleu Paris stint thrown in to justify the ridiculous prices?

I approached with much apprehension.


And audacious had me ordering six at once - the first and maybe the last attempt in satisfying my curiosity.


Peppermint Dark Chocolate ($8.50)

Designed to resemble a candy cane chocolate shell, this was already candy to the eyes. I thought the merriment of peppermint and dark chocolate was spot on.


Cranberry White Chocolate ($8.50)

Stunning in presentation, this had a whole lot going on - from red berries to chocolate sticks to gold flakes. I actually thought this was blackforest.


Speculoos ($8.50)

Who can hate cookie butter? To begin with, I love speculoos cookie and better still speculoos butter. The creamy cookie butter filling had me licking my fingers for more.


They had a series of 4 festive flavours available for christmas and pity I only got down to purchasing them after christmas! Else, I would have headed back for more of these delicious flavours. I missed out on the alcoholic blood orange chocolate, perhaps next year?


Tahitian Vanilla and Pecans ($8)

Nutty and very fragrant, the chopped pecans gave it an added crunch. Absolutely brilliant.


Ispahan ($8.50)
Rose, Lychee, Raspberry

Since Pierre Herme, this rose-lychee combination has become world renown and replicated in so many desserts. Yet, few come close to the award winning combination.

This, however was exceptional, with that delicate balance struck between rose and lychee. My main grouse is - that fondant layer! That said, all things pink are so girly and hard to resist!


Salted Caramel ($7.50)

Intense and that rich savoury and velvety smooth.


Loved the light pastry and fillings! This gamble of six paid off and I definitely look forward to my next box of happiness.

I look forward to more boxes!

L'Eclair by Sarah Michelle
Singapore Shopping Center

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