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Ciao@ @ Haji Lane

~Invited session~


Ciao@ Italian Resto Bar is the latest addition to the bevy of Italian restaurants. However, this is not a restaurant, nor an eatery but an invitation into the chef's home, promising a homecooked meal like no other. With 70% of the ingredients shipped from Italy, Chef Domenico takes pride in his menu - a number of dishes are family recipes that have made appearances in his home dinners.



Do check for their bottle discounts!


Battleship for the bored, just flip behind the table mats.


Prosecco to kickstart a night of Italian lovin'.


Pizzawich ($15)
Burrata cheese, parma ham

The all new pizza bread sandwich premieres in January over lunch. Great for grab and go situations and best of all, they are mighty tasty!


Fritto Del Piceno ($16)
Mixed Fried of Marche Region, Cheeses, Vegetables and Surprise of Chef

Breaded delights of cheese, artichokes and stuffed olives. Great meal starters and easy to pop in the mouth, just be wary not to get too filled on these for the other dishes on the menu.


Calamari ($18)
Pan-fried calamari with Pine Nuts, Cherry Tomato, Olive Taggiashe

Unlike the usual battered fried squid rings, this is served without the batter and in a light olive oil and white wine sauce. Absolutely tasty and like Chef would say - homemade.


Sughe De Mare ($24)
Linguine with Tuna, Anchovies, Green Olives in Tomato Sauce

This had me at hello - simple looking dish packed with so much flavour, the combination of tuna, anchovies and olives is both savoury with a tart finish. Plus, not to cloying because of the usage of olives. Major loves! And oh yes, it's Mom's recipe.


Ravioli De Ricotta ($22)
Homemade Pasta stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese, served in fresh Tomato Sauce

Slurpworthy handmade pasta parcels stuffed with cheese and spinach. Light and very tasty sauce.


Foccacia Al Rosmarino ($15)
Pizza plain topped with Rosemary and Garlic

Made with airflown ingredients and water from our local shores, the test of a good pizza base is if the diners suffer from indigestion thereafter. How true it is, Chef Domenico swears by it and declares his pizza base different from the rest.

Doughy and very chewy, the handpulled goodness was a hot favourite at the table. Chilli padi option is available for this as well.


Tartufina ($24)
Mozzarella and Truffle Paste 

4 Stagioni ($24)
Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Cooked Ham, Artichoke, Black Olive, Mushroom

12 inch pizza done two ways because we were too stuffed to take on single portions - I am not sure if they allow this usually but do check!

The pizza base is hard to fault - hand pulled and doughy! The truffle pizza, possibly the first of its kind had an intense truffle aroma.


Stinco Di Maiale Alla Birra ($38)
Pork Knuckle in Beer Sauce, Mash Potato, White Cabbage

Purportedly a huge success with 1,000 dishes sold to date! This german dish guarantees a tender and very fragrant experience. Tuck into this stunning bone in knuckle dish, the meat falls off the fork so easily!


Bistecca Di Polipo ($32)
Grilled Octopus Steak and Sauteed Spinach

Another pride of Chef Domenico, a simple grilled octopus and tasty garlic spinach.


Zia Liusa's Tiramisu ($12)

Looks like Chef comes from a family of cooks and this is straight off his sister's recipe book, an ultra light tiramisu that does not leave one too stuffed.


Artisanal Italian Gelato ($6)


Panna Cotta ($9)

There are a number of fantasy dishes on the menu - reads, the chef decides and each dish is unique depending on his inspiration for the day. No repeats unless you can remember all the ingredients used!

Affordable italian fare with a gregarious chef to boot, a place to check out if you are in the hood!

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