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The Coffee Cart @ Lavender

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The only reason why I even got acquainted with Lavender is because of my Zumba class and Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee. The best deal is often struck by exercising then indulging with far less guilt.



Spot the tiny coffee shop that can easily be missed.



Operating literally out of a coffee cart.


And an uber cuddly teddy bear to match.


Minimalistic decor with few tables too.


A cappucino for your cravings? The coffee was not spectacular, pretty much ordinary the caffeine drinkers mused.


And a rainbow cake that was made of natural colouring that looked half as cheerful as the other cakes in the marketplace. Tastewise it was also slightly disappointing, very dense and missing out on some fluffiness. Portions were incredibly small as well.


That, summed up my experience at Coffee Cart. Barely exciting nor memorable. Sigh, another that bites at the dust.

The Coffee Cart
465 Crawford Ln, # 01-08

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