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Shirokiya @ Chijmes

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Shirokiya at Chijmes probably does not stand out in the row of Japanese eats - competition is stiff amongst ramen, steamboat and barbeque even.



Kimchi Nabe ($39.90)

It is strange how I ended up being addicted to their kimchi hotpot, in a Japanese place no less! Meant for 2-3, depending how big an appetite you have but this fed two of us reasonably well.

Watching my hotpot sizzle was therapeutic somewhat and made me really hungry. The best part of their kimchi is, it is not too acidic and infact was well balanced in flavours.


All eyes on the pork belly getting cooked, slurpworthy rolls of fat and meat! The robust kimchi flavour soaked through every bite and I would recommend ordering a rice set to go with this. Towards the end, the rich broth and rice would serve as the perfect meal ending.


Pork Belly ($9)

It was so good, we had to have refills of the pork belly. Second portions somehow tasted better!


Pancake ($5.90)

Mainly cabbage and egg, I say stick with additional pork belly refills for more satisfaction.

Overall a satisfying dining experience with really friendly waitresses. Expect crowds over the weekend so reservations are highly recommended.


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