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Royal China Revisited @ Raffles Hotel


A recent savoury pumpkin cake craving pointed me to Royal China - reservations made in advance with a super gruff telephone operator and seats given right at the entrance - before I even launch into a bitchfit on how there was none of that pumpkin cake on the menu, I was already disappointed with Royal China.


Standards have been dwindling over the years yet I still had a soft spot somehow. I call it diehard, sometimes.



A weekend only menu item, I jumped at it - turned out to be petite sized crispy char siew buns. The balance of sweet and savoury were skewed towards the latter for me.


The only reasonably delicious one was the humble glutinous rice parcel.


Pan-fried Bean curd roll stuffed with minced prawn ($5.60)

If there is a next delicious, it had to be these deep fried bean curd prawn paste fritters! Perfectly crispy with a dab of vinegar.


The poorly made spinach dumplings was a joke when the skin tore and could barely contain the fillings.

Baked Egg Tart ($4.80)

Even egg tarts did not make the mark with its overly sweet egg custard.


If all fails, indulge in a still very delectable XO sauce.

The first time I left a restaurant after just 5 miserable orders of dimsum. Possibly the first doing so and last at Royal China. So long.

Royal China 
Raffles Hotel

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