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Romanian Brunch @ Lee Tai Fu

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~Invited Session~


Sometime in December, I had the privilege of attending one of the romanian brunch sessions hosted at Lee Tai Fu. Truth be told, prior to this meal I had no inkling of romanian cuisine, the closest I got was our honeymoon photographer who was romanian by descent and that was pretty much it.




No trip to Lee Tai Fu is complete without trying their craft beers, anytime in the day.



Zacusca with Vinette, Zacuscca with Shitake Mushrooms, Vinette Salad, Boeuf Salad

A series of appetizers were served with sour dough bread. Zacusca is a popular romanian vegetable spread and I tried the egg plant and mushroom version. Both were equally tasty, texture equivalent to mashed vegetables. I particularly liked the vinegared egg salad with hints of beef. Portions were definitely too generous, great for sharing.


Sheppard Omelet, Assorted Sausages, Sheep Cheese

A hearty take on a champ's breakfast with cold cuts, bacon omelette and even cheese. I thought the omelette was well executed, delicious!


Romanian Cookies

By this point I was definitely stuffed to the brim, I still had space for these crumbly dried fruit cookies.


Us and Vlad!

Romanian cuisine though unknown in Singapore, is actually pretty tasty and not completely foreign to me. There are similar dishes eaten from other cuisines. Fret not, their products are available online via, the vegetable spreads are made with carefully selected south east asian spices and have been sold at several farmer's markets. 

I certainly hope they can finally have a place to call home and sell these dishes, until then...pof pof!

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