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Plain Vanilla Brunch @ Yong Siak Street

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So, my favourite cupcakery has branched into brunch. Pun intended. It was a matter of time I suppose that this venture happened since the cafe pie is still a delicious one to tuck into. Not that we are not already spoilt for choice in the 'hood but y'know, more will not hurt.

Breakfast hours are from 830am to about 1130am before the bewitching hour overtakes.


Lunch takeaways!


Tuna and Tapenade Sandwich ($15)


In between two hot toasted bread slices is a cold stuffing of tuna, sliced egg, capers and tomatoes. While it was decently tasty, the price tag was way above what I would pay for the equivalent.


Mushroom and Leek Quiche ($9)

I adored the crust but found the mushroom and leek stuffing way too salty! Some stinging in seasoning would have been spot on.

Before you gawk at the prices, because even the usual cafe goer in me did a double take on these prices. Almost CBD if not pricier, the distance probably will not justify the traipsing to Tiong Bahru just for these and truly within CBD there are a dime too many choices. 40 Hands is stiff competition for brunch as well - oh well, good luck and I say stick to their sweets for that Plain Vanilla experience. Still my idea of best in town.

Plain Vanilla
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