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Melite @ NUSS

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I did not know the existence of a chinese restaurant on the grounds of NUSS until the need to utilize our Groupon voucher. Hooray for discovering new places at pocket friendly prices which explains my support for deal makers like these.


Permanently festive. 

It was 7pm and we looked like we booked the whole place.


Sliced Roasted Duck Breast

I stand corrected that this should be smoked duck rather than roasted.


Deep-fried Crispy Baby Octopus

I've never had Japanese baby octopus deep fried, which was an alternative and even tastier way than eating it dripping with sesame oil and those artificially green jelly fish.


Japanese Radish with Special Sauce

One of those appetizers that got passed off as a course on its own.


Wok Fried Crab with Chinese New Year Cake

This Shanghainese delight was a breath of fresh air, I loved the addition of rice cakes that made this extra festive. The fried crabs were coated with a layer of batter and could be passed off as tempura crabs.


Deep Fried Sea Bass in Signature Sauce

A delicious fried fish that was served with a signature soya sauce. Nothing fancy or out of the blue pairing yet tasted so good.


Braised Shiitakke Mushroom with Spinach


Braised Pig Trotter with Chef Special Sauce

As unappetizing it looked with the blanket of special sauce, the tables were turned when it turned out really well. Braised till very tender, the meat had taken in all the juices and boy it was so delicious.


Crispy Prawn Ball with Japanese Fish in Thousand Island Sauce

I thought this ordinary somehow as compared to the rest of the outstanding dishes.


Braised Whole Abalone with Special Fried Rice in Oyster Sauce

Fried rice and wok hei are the basic standards until this particular plate that was drapped in oyster sauce, topped with abalones and bok choy. Turns out, it looked like Choy Fan and tasted way better than that. Something about the egg fried with rice and gravy that was extra comforting.


Double Boiled Snow Fungus Soup with Red Dates and Wolfberry

Hooray to dessert that is neither red bean soup nor longan tofu. I thought this was befitting of  the horrible haze that we were battling with.

Melite is a hidden gem, top marks for delicious food that surpassed my expectations and even without the crowd the food was fresh.

30 Lower Kent Ridge Road, First floor of NUS Staff Club

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