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Meatsmith Revisited @ Telok Ayer Street

Meatsmith is 2015's highlight and fair enough with this fourth visit, I am obviously head over heels and even stomach in love with this place - so much so I had to give their platters a go. It is no fun just raving all about their amazing sandwiches alone.

Platters are catered for 3-4 onwards and portions do get bigger, so do the number of sides.


Bacon Macaroni and Cheese

One mean and mighty one, honestly bacon can never go wrong but the combination of cheeses worked, so did that hearty mac. This order would justify its position as a mains and not an appetizer, Meatsmith folks you hear?


Rocket and Herb Salad

I was horribly bummed their lunch service fish tacos were not available at dinner time, so salad it was to convince ourselves there was something healthy about the all meat meal.


Meat Smith BBQ Platter ($130)

Serves 2-3 but it was definitely enough for 5 of us - small eaters included. The pickled vegetables definitely whet our appetites - the jalepenos and ladies fingers were hot favourites! Pun unintended.

Smoked Chicken

Somewhat too salty for me, the least exciting of the platter.

Pork Ribs

Rubbed with enough spice, these meaty ribs had bite and most importantly brimming with flavour.

Beef Rib

Tough fight with brisket for delicious, I thought this was well marinated and executed too.


I am not a tendon fan yet these briskets were a clear winner, melt in the mouth and drooliciously tender!



Served with a sweet buttermilk butter, these are their famous buns - sandwiches are served with them and boy are they downright yummy. Carb lover or not, the density of the bun and that merriment with the sweet butter may very well just change your mind.


Apple Cobbler ($7)

Liked the poached apples, on the fence about the pastry and disliked the icecream.


Chocolate Pie ($10)

One rich treat topped with whipped cream.

Dinner was somehow less satisfying than lunch - brisket and pulled pork are still outstanding.

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