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Halia Revisited @ Botanic Gardens

~Invited Session~


Halia at Botantic Gardens is one charmer in evening, nestled in a forested part of the gardens, we were treated to a bullfrog symphony throughout our walk in. I was surprised to find that Villa at Halia is the event space of Halia, away from the restaurant proper. Plus, it comes with a bakery that opens only on weekdays and during office hours! What a bummer, I had my eye on their macarons and ginger jam.


Lemongrass and Ginger Tiger Prawn Salad ($19)
Fresh mango, tomato salsa, glass noodle, ginger flower dressing

This is one of those colourful salads that will definitely brighten one's mood and appetite, loved the tamarind spiced prawns in this super tangy salad. Deep deep for the delicious glass noodles and mango cubes!


Lime and Ginger Yellowfin Tuna Kinilaw 70gm ($18)
Coconut, avocado, tomato, seaweed, chilli oil, crispy wonton skin

Be greeted with an unleashing of more thai flavours here, the coconut and avocado mix is exceptionally creamy and that chilli oil with tuna, aroi mak mak. 


Wagyu Beef Carpaccio ($18)
Wasabi, radish, pickled ginger, soy ketchup

I love beef carpaccio best next to scallops, thin melt in the mouth slices and the tantalizing seasoning makes it a tough fight amongst all three appetizers dished up. 


Halia's Singapore-style Chilli Crab Spaghettini ($26)
In spicy, sweet tangy sauce

One of my favourite alternative chilli crab dishes in Singapore, Halia has managed to capture that piquant flavours that work for our national dish all at once. Best part? The crab meat that saves me all the trouble of feisty finger work with the troublesome crustacean. Always so good mesays!


Paperbag Oven-baked Halibut Fillet ($40)
Mirin sake, ginger broth, sesame Japanese rice, wakame and truffle mayonnaise 

This arrived draped in baking parchment paper and the moment the wrappers were opened, it was a case of heaven on earth with the smothering aroma fro the ginger broth, rice and wakame. Hearty and very wholesome, heavy on Japanese touches and I hear it is a popular choice amongst Japanese clients. 


Spice Islands Marinated Lamb Loin ($44)
Curried wild rice, charred chilli, pickled ginger, coconut

The strongest in colours and flavours used in a single dish, next to the chilli crab this was bold in flavours and very rich with the usage of coconut. The gameyness of the lamb was overshadowed by the curry and chilli. 


Tower of Silken Tofu Tempura ($28)
Grilled baby eggplant, portobello mushroom, sautéed spinach in Japanese inspired light soy, ginger seaweed broth

Agedashi tofu gone modern, this tofu tower was light in flavour and on the palette. 


Die Die Must Have Chocolate ($12)
Chocolate raspberry ganache, cacao nibs tuile, chocolate marshmallow, raspberry sorbet, raspberry sauce, crispy raspberry and chocolate

I would agree on its moniker, die die must have. A whole hearted display of textures and the chocolate was not overcloying and went really well with the marshmellow and contrasting sorbet. Loved it!


Ginger and Spice, All Things Nice ($10)
Halia’s classic of frozen ginger nougat parfait, spiced pineapple sauce with ginger crumble

Hard to fault when it is a classic yet in the face of chocolate, this was way more subdued. 


The Other Harbour ($12)
Mango mousse, pomelo, mango, yoghurt sherbet, sable, passionfruit sauce

One can pass this off as a deconstructed pomelo mango sago dessert, tropical and a joy to eat. This is my kind of palette cleanser after the heavy handed chocolate dessert. 


Cardamom Milk Tea - Hot ($10)

Spices are Halia's forte and why wasn't I surprised when they have a hot and cold version of spiced tea? Uber fragrant too!

A number of alcholic kicks were also available just for the festive season - no better reason than to make merry and drink!


Granny's Apple Pie Cocktail ($23)
Bacardi Oakheart, caramelized condensed milk, egg yolk, gingerbread syrup, fresh lime juice, apple juice 

Mulled Wine Sangria Mocktail ($10)
Aguaribay Malbec, vodka, rum, home-made ginger lemonade, star anise, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, brown sugar, fresh fruits

A festive dinner at Halia would top the list for romantic for one! Plus, being so far away from the rest of the city is a huge bonus. I'd love to be back for this in the woods experience. 

Botanic Gardens   

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