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Green Dot @ Paya Lebar Square

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My knowledge of soy based dishes had been limited to O'Bean thusfar and I was pleasantly surprised to chance upon Green Dot. Paya Lebar Square seems to be an up and coming MRT Mall. Green Dot over peak hours like lunch and dinner is crazy packed - find your own table and forget about being waited on.


The supposely fuss free way of ordering but they ended up having two ordering points for the mixed vegetables and rice and the rest of the menu. Confusion peaks when crowds are spilling over.

The menu is comprehensive with their main ingredients being konnyaku, mushroom and soy.


Hotpot seemed to be a popular choice, somehow.


Shitake Mushroom Sauce with Soya Katsu ($8.90)
Shitake Mushrooms, Beansprouts, Soya Slices, Cedar Leaves


Springy and QQ, the noodles were the absolute bomb in this vegetarian bak chor mee dish. Even the mock minced meat was convincing! Enjoyed this dish tremendously.


Laksa ($5.90)
Noodles, Konnyaku Prawn, Konnyaku Slice, Tau Pok, Radish and Carrot

Incredibly value for money without missing out on the spicy punches at all. The belachan is spot on and made this sinful dish, healthily so. I loved the balance of coconut milk and spices, it was not overbearing and best of all, with closed eyes this could pass off as the real deal.


Eat green for a better life, for sure!

Green Dot
Paya Lebar Square

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