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Cheng's at 27 @ Yong Siak Street


I have a bad habit, the nearer the dining establishment is to me, the lower the chance of me patronizing. Works like a strange law of its own and ironically I travel far and wide for food sometimes. Cheng's at 27 had been at the back of my mind "to try" for a reasonably long enough time until a particular take away that blew my tastebuds off - perhaps a tad exaggerating but I fell so in love with their hainanese pork chops, I figured something must be so right that gets them full house occupancy on weekends.


Picture, picture on the wall...what would you like to eat?




I definitely had my eye on the impossibly cute takeaway box!


Prawn Roll ($15)

I love homemade prawn rolls, these fried till crisp ones had a batter than reminded me of the pork chop somehow. Very tasty and great with a dap of sticky sweet sauce.


Sliced Fish with Ginger ($15)

Memory must have failed me because the original intent was for the crispy pork with garlic. These sliced fish filets were reminiscent of the beehoon we also had.


Stir Fried Long Beans 

Incredibly small portions of vegetables though this had wok hei and plenty of flavour.


Salted Vegetable Duck Soup ($15)

A light yet delicious sour vegetable duck soup - a like or dislike it situation here.


Crispy Pork Chop ($15)

Honestly, to date the only hainanese pork chop that got my vote despite its less than perfect execution through the years has been Chin Chin's for that all too familiar ketchup sauce, frozen peas and potato wedges accompanying the heavily battered pork chops. $5 does buy me memories and a plate of hainanese pork chops.

Here comes Cheng's at double the price for takeaway and quadruple that satisfaction. An almost prawn paste like batter that coats each meaty slice and that crazy delicious coconut-based potato curry gravy that sends the tongue on a wild dance. Yes, it is delicious and twice it was as satisfying. Portions are larger for communal dining so prices match too.


Stir Fried Hokkien Seafood Beehoon ($20)

Though classified as a portion for two, with all that we ordered this was more than sufficient for five. The slightly soggy beehoon worked for me with chockfuls of seafood and pork embedded within, I liked the flavours entwined in each bite. Next to canned pork knuckle beehoon, I say this is a super close competitor!


Gula Melaka Chiffon Slice ($5)

I have to admit to balking at the price tag, at $5 a slice or $40 for a full cake this was hinging on exorbitant. The organic coconut oil could have upped the stakes for this delightfully light pillowy soft local treat, perhaps slices work for me but not the whole cake. A tad hard to swallow, still.


Kaya Toast ($2.30)

Keen to check their $5 bottled kayas out, the closest sampling I had was their available at brunch only kaya toast - they kindly relented depending on how crazy the dinner crowds can be. Sandwiching between two ordinary cream crackers, the slab of uber fragrant light green creamy kaya and butter was a tad too sweet for me. Easily replicated with possibly two packets of cream crackers even, I may very well just get the jar for that economies of scale.


Suzuki Coffee ($3)

Thumbs up for this kopi peng, the caffeine addict says. Yet, prices are not too friendly.


Cheng's after refurbishment has gone more upmarket - while I have not tried them prior, I am enjoying this new facelift with a slight grouse on their pricing scheme for the non-savouries. Also, note that prices are not mentioned on the menu. Delicious hainanese fare that can be on the pricier end.

Cheng's at 27
27 Yong Siak Road

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