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Brothers Ramen Revisited @ International Plaza

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I love dining at CBD after office hours mainly because there is none of the crowds and lunch madness that takes away the pleasure from eating.

My first visit was delicious, second even more so.

I never quite got used to ordering from the vending machine - but I suppose that makes for the same experience in Japan too. 


Brothers Ramen 
Char Siew Topping


Made in house, the noodle room is a place where they hand churn out these springy noodles. A huge bummer though when I forgot to mention extra noodles at point of purchase!

Portions can be considered ladylike, petite sized even. I loved the al dente noodles that had extra spring in each bite. The broth was exceptional, considering no pork bones were used at all and that milkiness made it all the more addictive.

Simple ingredients of seaweed and spring onions made this sheer bliss. I thought the char siew and chicken char siew were a tad too salty.


The perfect ramen egg, complete with daffodil yellow yolk.


We both wished we had two bowls each, at the end of it.


Still as enamoured with their ramen from the heart. Prices are considerably steep for portions yet the kind of satisfaction is almost unrivalled.

Brothers Ramen
International Plaza

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