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Botak Assam Fish Head @ Jalan Lumba Kuda, Johor

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Our original plan for Hwa Bee Bak Kut Teh were dashed when we spotted the place under lock and key from afar and we managed to score lots nearby.

We literally stumbled upon Botak Assam Fish Head, next door to Hwa Bee and it was fairly packed with non-chinese diners. That was already strange enough but every single table had an order of  their famous assam fish head and so did we.


Prices on the wall!


Assam Fish Head

Done two ways, this was served with sliced fish filets and half a fish head. The watery broth was definitely misleading because it turned out to be tangy, spicy and actually very tasty. Many tables were also doggy packing the gravy - this would be so awesome with a side of noodles!


Muar Otah

Over microwaved, this turned out rubbery unfortunately.


Sambal Kang Kong


Sesame Oil Chicken

Another of the  signature dishes that was worth the gamble, a delicious portion of chicken simmered in sauce and sesame oil. Absolutely filling and so yummy.


Hits and misses but their fish dishes are particularly excellent, many tables also ordered deep fried whole fishes!

Botak Assam Pedas
Jalan Lumba Kuda

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