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Artisan Boulangerie Co @ I12 Katong

Eating out just got easier than ABC, bad pun I know but Artisan Boulangerie Co has gotten so accessible these days, I end up eating a fair bit there out of convenience and also wholesome food.


All eyes on my Chilli Crab Pie. I have such a weakness for crab anything especially those that do not even need me to get my fingers dirty - so this order fitted the bill!


Apple Juice ($6.80)

Freshly squeezed apple juice.


Chilli Crab Pie ($9)

I had every mind to order the quiche but ended up with a chilli crab pie - sometimes the nationalistic pride answers the call of nature.


Not my first attempt but they seem to get better, this blend that finally worked with a delicate balanced of sweet and spicy.


Earthy mushroom soup meets crunchy baguette, cannot go wrong and neither did it. This top up option of soup, salad or tart is available for a pocket friendly 5 buckeroos.


Side of salad that came with sundried tomatoes and a host of grilled vegetables. Much love!


Wagyu Burger ($24)
150g patty, Emmental Cheese, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Mustard Relish, Homemade Bun

I can never quite fathom diners who can chomp down burgers at brunch, more correctly, breakfast time. 12 noon is breakfast for me on a weekend - correction.

Not the prettiest of burgers but it did live up to its name of hearty with that show stopping melted cheese, juicy patty and toasted buns.


Lemon Tart ($6)

I never get myself every single time I cave into a lemon tart that has failed me before - still not a favourite with those soggy edges.


Long Black ($4.80)

And it is a beautiful wrap with decently good coffee to perk the caffeine addict up.

Another  reasonably priced brunch place with decent fare, surely be back for that quiche I was supposed to eat and mushroom soup too!

Artisan Boulangerie Co
I12 Katong

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