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The Market Grill Revisited @ Telok Ayer Street

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The Market Grill counts as one of the Hubba's and my favourite places for a good night out - our date nights have been ruined by bad food countless times, it reached a point that we wanted a guaranteed good place.


Counter seats are always tempting but the low bag hooks always cause me misery trying to balance the arm candy and camera bag. Plus, those stools are not meant for anything more than butt cheek balancing.

Cosy tables are always my preferred choice, thx.


 Crispy Pig's Ears ($8)

One of my meal fetishes include nibbling on pig's ears - I find my preferences as odd as they sound. These crispy, incredibly crunchy and somewhat gummy delicacy is so addictive. Eaten on its own it can be jelard but pair it with that tangy vinaigrette, this dish is a winner on its own.


Onion Match Sticks lived up to its name of being match sticks, these were sliced so fine and fried till they resembled match sticks. Uber tasty and this gave onion rings a run for their money - 2015's version I so love.


Best fish burger in town. Cooked over the griddle, this well seared chunk without any of the breaded rumbs or overly thick batter - it's fresh fish in your face sandwiched between two very fluffy buns. While I wished for buns with more bite, this was sublime in its maximum.


Portobello Beef Burger

This is mushroom swiss, upsized, upscaled and upmarket. Definitely worth many mushroom swiss burgers but the on point charredness and perfectly grilled portobello mushrooms, this burger had them all.

The same old dishes ordered, the same kind of satisfaction. What more can I want?

The Market Grill
208 Telok Ayer Street

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