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The Knolls @ Capella

~Invited Session~


Dining at Sentosa usually puts me off mainly for that $7 entrance fee and unless transport is available, travelling can be quite a chore.  


The Knolls at Capella Hotel offers a refreshing Mediterranean fine dining experience overlooking the South China Sea. It was my first encounter at The Knolls and the infinity pool was so inviting even in the darkness of the night - maybe a staycation next?



I loved the interior of The Knolls, the high ceilings and space, the areas are well sound proofed - all the giggling and laughter was masked and was just perfect for hanging out with friends, or that intimate dinner. Spot the wine cellar in the design!

No meal is ever complete without drinks, we had a go at a red and white each to complement our food!



Never can go wrong with a Riesling. Light and fruity, goes well with most meats.


Nik Weis urban Riesling 2013.


Octopus Ballotine ($27)  
Orange Martini dressing, Italian flavour

The orange martini dressing was an interesting twist to the already delightful appetizer. Tender octopus slices drizzled in a tangy dressing.


Open Ravioli ($23)  
Asian inspired duck and foie gras served with its bouillon


Clearly inspired by the siewmai, this open ravioli has chestnuts to pay homage to the cantonese roots and that light tasting duck bouillon infused with truffle oil which made for an awesome broth even on its own. Full portions come with two raviolis. 

The mains can be requested to be plated together, like a communal feast as seen below! I am not sure about you but I love food served on such planks - makes sharing so much easier. 



Crispy Lamb Rib Confit ($38)
Mini eggplant stuffed with cumin, rice and raisins, Bell Pepper Coulis 

Lamb rib is a first for me which tastes close to pork, peppered with cumin, one of my favourite herbs. I adored the stuffed eggplant packed with enough flavour for a vegetable dish.   


Pan Seared Seabass ($44)  
With Mediterranean seafood ragout, Orzo pasta, chipirones and aioli 

Orzo pasta all had us at hello, infact we mistook it for risotto even. These tear dropped shaped pasta soaked up the seafood flavours and definitely outshone the seabass here.   


Grilled Marinated Beef Short Ribs ($35) 
Truffle mashed potatoes, mixed green salad and gherkins

This dish was inspired by the korean beef bulgogi, marinated till tender with pineapples and that sweetness was subsequently evident after the grilling even. 


Similarly for desserts, we had them served on a plank! Too pretty to eat.  


Cassatta ($16)  
Pistachio sponge, raspberry sorbet, candied fruit  
This is not a usual dessert seen or eaten in Singapore, one that has alot going on - sorbet, fruit and sponge with a meringue as well. Beautiful to look at and indulge in. 


Profiteroles ($16)  
Choux pastry filled with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce  


I could not resist a chocolate waterfall shot - that is the ultimate expression of foodporn methinks. The chocolate hardened too quickly and we ended up with chocolate coated profiteroles!


Pandan Coconut Crème brûlée ($16)
Caramelized pandan flavoured custard cream

My favourite of the trio, the light pandan flavour infused in every bite of creme brulee - delicious much! Do not forget about the egg biscuit next to it. 


Churros ($12)


Having heard much about the churros from Bob's Bar, turns out they are cooked in the kitchens of The Knolls and we managed to squeeze space for this crispy donut. My relationship with churros has been mostly limited to theme parks and they are usually over dusted with cinnamon sugar, these bite sized portions are great for dunking into chocolate, lemon curd and even clotted cream. 

The food with the splendid view calls for a celebratory occasion for sure, otherwise I am good for an indulgent Sunday Brunch that has been voted as Singapore's best. If all else fails, there's always a dip in the infinity pool to right all things wrong. 

The Knolls

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