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Sen Wine and Bistro @ Geylang


Geylang always strikes me as a haven for exotic hawker food, the likes of crab beehoon, frog leg porridge, midnight dimsum are all found there. And there is Sen Wine and Bistro located in one of the lanes, behind these wooden doors. Sticks out quite like an atas sore thumb already, if you ask me.


Vietnamese food, it seems they serve and that has even gotten them a spot on Tripadvisor.


The bar that all of us were not interested in, perhaps the later crowds?


8pm dinners always gets us seats anywhere and in our case, it was our table and another's with just one waiter taking orders, serving food and also handling the cashier. Talk about multi tasking.



This set up was more pomp and fuss than substance though.


Vietnamese Coffee on the acidic side.


Bowls of delicious.


Grilled Pork Rice Vermicelli ($12.90)

This comes with a side of vinegar as a dipping sauce.


Picking this as a mains meant I get to enjoy sides with my dish! Kills two birds with one stone. The fried spring rolls were exceptionally crispy, packed with yam and pork - uber delicious with the dipping sauce too.


Pho Special Mixed Beef Noodle ($14.90)

Laced with a certain sweetness in the broth that I did not enjoy, beef balls were too springy though. 

Whilst the dishes were authentically Vietnamese with the unmistakenable sweetness, the prices were high, possibly double that of Chinatown's or even Tanjong Pagar's. 

Sen Wine and Bistro 
704 Geyland Road

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