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Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru @ Liang Court

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Conveyor belt sushi was once all the rage in my growing up years - I am not sure if it was the idea of food moving on a conveyor belt or the novelty of sushi on a belt. Or both and that was then that the likes of Sakae and Sushi Tei got ingrained into my spectrum of preferred dining choices.

Whilst I have explored beyond both of the abovementioned family friendly restaurants, I was pleasantly surprised how the concept of conveyor belt sushi is still a popular feature at sushi restaurants.

Liang Court remains one of the hottest spots for Japanese expats and locals to dine and some may say - best affordable Japanese fare around. I chanced upon Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru alongside the other smaller eateries outside Meidi-ya.


Ordering sushi is as seamless as it can be, without any annoying waitress hovering around your table and mispronouncing dish names. It is me and the trusty touch screen.

I have to admit this conveyor belt concept still thrills me and I probably got the hang of picking plates out from the belt than ordering since they probably took it from the same belt anyhow!


Salmon and spring onions - unlike most other places, this is a first eating them together and my slice of salmon draped over the rice ball nicely.

Irresistible fish roe mayo!

Spicy salmon!

And more of the fish roe - see what I mean by being carried away and picking out similar plates.


Roe with squid next, a texturally very interesting type of sushi.

Moving onto the aburi-ed items, the salmon was done really well and served with grated ginger. I wish I ordered another portion of this!


And caving into an order of sushi platter to get a taste of everything. While the price worked for us, most of the types of sushi featured were that of the cheaper plates - tuna salad, egg salad and even corn.


Uber value for money set with both a chirashi done and udon for the ravenous. Reasonable cuts of fish used in the chirashi don, there was even tuna!

The meal came up to under $50 for two with all we ate and for sure, the fun I got our of picking from the conveyor belt far exceeded the satisfaction of some sushi items, this is still a place worth popping by.

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru
Liang Court Basement

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