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Rum Jam Fest 2015 @ Lime House

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~Invited Session~

Rum Jam 2015 is Singapore's first ever rum festival where rum lovers unite and the passion for rum is full on. Pairing with a complete Caribbean cuisine classics, the finest rums took center stage during Rum Jam.  


World-renowned Global Rum Ambassador Ian Burrell was also in town to mix up cocktails using authentic Caribbean rums by Mount Gay too! 


FIJI Water, natural artesian water bottled at the source in Viti Levu (Fiji islands) was also onboard as a partner due to its soft mouth feel and unique mineral profile- the perfect palate cleanser for Rum Jam Fest 2015. 


Morsels served before dinner to get the appetites awakened for the Caribbean feast for the night!

Hosted at Lime House, the city’s only Caribbean hotspot for good vibes and home to the Caribbean spirit of “liming”, I was thrilled to be invited to the very first Rum Jam 2015 to get acquainted with Rum!  

There were a number of rum exhibitors too that night - information clearly taken off their official websites. 


Rhum Clemente, produced and estate bottled at Habitation Clément in Le Francois, Martinique. Rhum Agricole begins with the finest selection of sugarcanes, which are then pressed to extract a free-run aromatic sugarcane juice, distilled into a crisp and earthy vegetal spirit from the world renowned terroir of Martinique.


Now this world's finest has been around since 1651, made exclusively from blue cane, seasonally harvested and produced at the Depaz Estate on the lush tropical island of Martinique, French West Indies. Produced in such limited quantities, this smooth and refined character is that of the Depaz.


Mount Gay Rum's booth!


Mount Gay Rum is produced by Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. of Barbados, the easternmost island of the West Indies. The oldest surviving deed for the company is from 1703, making Mount Gay Rum the oldest existing brand of rum in the world.


Freeflow samples all over, even before dinner starts proper.



Century Rum Club Punch

Plantation 3 Star, Plantation Reserva, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Water

This fruit punch would have passed off as a mocktail.


Split pea fritters, Tamarind sauce

The tamarind sauce complemented the fritters, dashes of tangy that made this appetizer delicious. 


Crab Dumpling
Crabmeat stuffed dumpling, Callaloo, Coconut Flakes 


Think large for this dish, the dumpling unlike our petite asian dumplings are considered heavyweights with a thick skin stuffed with crab meat. 


Diplomatico Manhattan
Diplomatico Reserva, Antica Formula

Smokier in flavour, this burned the throat slightly and left a lingering fragrance.


Lime House Signature Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Boneless Leg, Jerk Marinade, Sweet Potato, Jerk BBQ Sauce

I'd like to think of this as the chicken variant of BBQ Pork Ribs, missing out on the bite that pork has and mostly tender. Sweet is a constant flavour in this - sweet potatoes, sauce and marinade. 


Pan-fried Seabass in Caribbean Spices 
Chayote Gratin, Avocado Puree, Spiced Shrimps, Pepper


China Breeze
Coconut Rum, White Rum, Lychee Juice, Lime Juice, Sugar

Possibly my favouritest of the lot, looking least threatening or dangerous, this cloudy cocktail was a lovely pair with the chicken.


Banana Bread served with caramalised Bananas

The folks from Mount Gay took the liberty to douse this dessert in rum too - I would have very much liked it without though. The bread was a tad too crispy and the only things that made it delicious were the caramelised bananas unfortunately.


Deconstructed Pina Colada 
Coconut Custard, Pineapple Compote, Lime Granite 

Not quite the dessert that I was looking forward to, the coconut custard was a miss and lime granite missing out on some tangy punches.


Rum Blazer 
Mount Gay XO, Clove Syrup, Nutmeg, Orange Zest

The heaviest cocktail to end the night on - comes with flames and even a cinnamon stick to boot. Very aromatic but the cocktail burned the throat.

The menu is available in their ala carte menu as well. 


By the end of the night, I may not have ended up BFFs with rum but Fiji Water and I are well acquainted. Crisp and the perfect palette cleanser like they promised. 

Lime House 
2 Jiak Chuan Road 

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