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Restaurant Week 2015: Roadhouse @ Dempsey

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The only other restaurant we attempted or in this sense, revisited this Restaurant Week was Roadhouse.


Halloween was still in the air despite the fact that it was over the night before!



Shrimp Caesar Salad

An interesting take on caesar salad without the chicken but with shrimp poppers this time. I found the fried shrimps bland though.


Bacon Brocolli Soup

Bacon is a lifesaver in any dish, including this already very tasty brocolli soup.


Both main courses were burgers and knowing that Roadhouse specialises in burgers, I was definitely stoked.

We had both to share, beef and fish! The beef had the full works of bacon, beef and onion relish, superbly delicious but my recent burgerscapes have brought me to greater heights so this tasted on the ordinary side in comparison.


This was totally a fish and chips in a burger, that chunky portion of battered dory fish would make any junk foodie grin with delight.


Multi Nut Pie with Icecream

Sold on pecans, my weakness for nut pies were revealed the very moment I tucked into this sweet treat. On the sweet side but it is dessert afterall!



Fried Cheesecake

My first time eating a fried cheesecake, the closest I have gotten is perhaps fried icecream. This was very substantial to begin with and while the cheesecake on its own was toothsome, coated with a batter ad drizzled with an overly sweet strawberry sauce made this overly indulgent.

We left Restaurant Week at Roadhouse on a good note, at $25++ for lunch it was incredibly value for money and best of all, a challenge at the back of our minds. Sounds super delicious already!

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