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Nespresso celebrates Christmas 2015!

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Look what came in the post! A bunch of flowers, cupcakes and Nespresso's three limited edition Variations range for Christmas! The Variations range inspired by the warming aromas of the festive period is set to delight with hints of rich dark chocolate, vanilla, sweet almond, cardamom and spicy ginger.

Vanilla Amaretti

Laced with almond and vanilla flavours, one cannot help but be reminded of sweet amaretti biscuits.

Ciocco Ginger

Imagine dark chocolate highlighted with ginger hints, this bold flavour promises to win over fans with a more intense flavour that the rest.

Vanilla Cardamom

Delicate and light, vanilla is typically a crowd pleaser and throw in cardamom, one's senses are in for a major treat!

These festive flavours all have an intensity of 6, best consumed as an espresso for the optimal drinking experience.


While cupcakes are not part of the package, they provided three inspired flavours to pair!


Fluffy and absolutely delicious, I found myself falling for the spiced vanilla, vanilla-nut and finally dark chocolate ginger.
Available at leading Nespresso Boutiques or online via Priced at $12 a sleeve of 10 capsules, these are whilst stocks last!

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