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Meat Smith @ Telok Ayer Street

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I have lost count how many times I walked past Meat Smith and opted to dine at The Market Grill and finally decided to deviate from the usual path one lunch and found myself in between the metal door and a noisy room of dinners.


Welcome to the butcher's club, I quietly thought amidst screaming signs of daily appetizers, mains and weekend visiting chef cookouts. Clearly I have made numerous visits over lunch and the bewitching hour to visit is always after lunch hour.


Butcher calibre. 


We ended up sharing the communal dining table with two other parties and tried to continue conversation when I could barely hear myself.

Lemongrass and mint ($6)

A soda based thirst quencher, I was not expecting soda but this was really pleasant.


Beef Tongue

I must disclaim that I usually do not like animal's innards, with very few exceptions. And I can never imagine myself being tongue-less - like why would I even stomach another's tongue? Well of course, the exception was for ox and beef. And duck.

I sound like a horrific carnivore already and before I go even further, this is the single part of the animal that is crazy tender. So tender it amazes me. These were sliced carpaccio and served with a tangy and mildly hot sauce. Presentation took me aback but I loved it.


Their homemade sauces are the bomb, nailed to a complete T. I may never want storebought sauces after being so spoilt at Meatsmith. 


Pulled Pork Sandwich ($11)

I must set the record straight that I am no pulled pork fan prior to ordering this - most of the pulled pork dishes end up so braised, they were too soft and soaking in BBQ sauce, they usually are an unpalatable misfortune. Some how, I had some faith in pork rind and vinegar slaw for a different experience altogether.

Proven right infact, that pulled pork can taste so good. Too good infact. The smoky flavours of the pulled pork that had some bite, a droolicious lather of BBQ sauce and a wicked mouthwatering slaw topped with a crispy pork rind and sandwiched between two chewy buns.

Over a single sandwich and several moments of silence taking in all the flavours, this love for pulled pork got ignited and it had to be at Meatsmith's.

Nashville Fried Chicken ($10)

This red head was barely as satisfying as the pulled pork, unfortunately. Too much spice and at some point came across as too much. The same hat trick did not repeat, but the amazing buns did.


Cheese Burger ($16)
Meat Top Up ($10)

I can only trust the meat machine to order a meat top up for an already heavyweighter burger. And two patties drizzled with melted cheese was the ultimate foodie's guide. Loved that charred-ness going on, the juiciness of the patties and their homemade sauces. Mustard's up my alley and I wish I could swipe a bottle off the counter.


Even the greens taste exceptionally better, strange but soooo good!

Mississppi Mud Pie ($10)

Either go decadent or die trying. This rich block promises a sugar rush and a possible food coma with crushed oreo and velvety smooth chocolate mousse.


Thank you for the meaty times, a return is always on the cards.

167 Telok Ayer Street

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