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Marmalade Pantry @ Oasia Hotel


Marmalade Pantry at Oasia Hotel is completely new to me, previously having been huge fans of their now defunct outlets at Palais Renaissance, Stables and even Ion! For a sunday night dinner, tables were particularly empty, given the proximity to Novena Square, I would have expected more crowd.


The interior for this outlet was kept simpler with hints of wood and their signature table posies. Until today, I have not figured its name yet!


Perhaps to entice travellers - most of the guests at Oasia Hotel are assumed to be medical travellers who seek treatment at neighbouring hospitals, there is a range of local delights - think laksa, hor fun, chicken rice and even fried rice! Prices are of course, not cheap. The only time I committed the folly of eating hotel standard chicken rice was for Chatterbox and perhaps only for Mandarin Orchard since it is world famous.


Caesar with Slow Cooked Egg ($24)
Crabmeat, Pinenuts, Parmesan Cheese


Giving a twist to the usual chicken caesar, this was created with crabmeat instead and I am actually loving this version more!


Spinach and Kale ($24)
Mozzarella, Red Pepper Pesto, Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Grapes, Fresh Basil

A less than desirable salad, the red pepper pesto hardly worked for me. Meaty salads trump, still.


Miso Lobster ($34)
Lobster chunks in Tobiko and Miso Mayo 


I made it a point to order out of comfort zone and try some new dishes. Miso Lobster and Lobster Risotto are the two newer items sighted on the menu and I was raring to try! Perhaps if lobster burgers are better than the rolls, I can opt for these cheaper alternatives.

This arrived in grandeur sitting prettily on a bed of fries - it's as good as waking up on a bed of roses. The lobsters tasted like slipper lobsters and the miso mayo had too much sweetness going on. I did not find an alternative to lobster rolls in this miso lobster.


Beef Cheek Pappardelle ($26)
Braised Beef Cheek, Confit Tomato, Parsley

I suppose old is gold, this beef cheek pappardelle was worth reminiscing the past with.


Baby Chicken ($28)
Slow cooked Whole Baby Chicken, Braised Celery, Rosemary, Garlic Roasted Potatoes 

Baby Chicken this was, in spatch cock size and was not fireworks kind of extraordinary. Far and few roast chickens have thrown me off guard with delight and this was certainly not one of them either.


Salmon ($28)
Sweet Potato Noodles, Sesame, Cucumber with Yuzu Dressing

Another sweet dish, the sweet potato noodles could do with a savoury dressing. The salmon was grilled just fine, the expected crispy skin and perfectly orange hued flaky chunk. 


Pork Chop ($32)
Mashed Potatoes, Apple Compote, Crisp Sage, Spinach and Bacon Fat Split Jus

At last we were talking right with this lovely seared pork chop that packed enough flavour and succulence. I enjoyed this right to the end and loved the techniques used. If I had to pick just one mains, it will be pork chops.

My first encounter with Marmalade Pantry was with their famed cupcakes, and till today I wonder if these sugary treats kickstarted a lifetime of obsession with a simple cupcake and frosting.


Cloud Nine ($4.90)
White Coconut Cake with Cream Cheese


Limonata ($4.90)
Tart Lemon Glazed Cake


Smores ($4.90)
Graham Cookies Lined Chocolate Cupcake Finished with Toasted Marshmellow and Chocolate Shards


These still bring a smile with their buttery sponge bases and delectable frostings that are a tad too sweet these days.

Marmalade Pantry's standards seemed to have taken a dip since their heydays, I may just stick with the sweets.

Marmalade Pantry
Oasia Hotel

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