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Ippin Cafe and Bar @ Mohd Sultan Road

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~Invited Session~


Ippin Cafe and Bar strikes as a casual hangout with a mish mesh of knick knacks - on top of their lunch and dinner sets, they also retail sakes and a ton of Japanese produce. I got acquainted with the ladies at Ippin over a sake tasting set and that saw me lugging home my first bottle of Strawberry Sake. Sake and me have been cordial through the years, I would have very much preferred a cocktail over sake until age caught up and I finally found the sake.


Tsutsumi Brewery Plum Wine Kurahachi Umeshu ($29)

Light tasting plum wine to whet one's appetite, so I realised there are so many other brands of plum wine around!


Grace Piece Darjeeling Tea ($8)

This tea has undergone secondary fermentation, a first for Japan and one of the kind in the world. This is also known as "Muscat" flavour for tea because of its soft but rich fragrance and taste.


Yogurt Sake ($30)
Yogurt Tochi Otome (Strawberry) ($31)

This got my vote for favourite of all the sakes sampled, a milky and very unique sake. One bottle to the order sheet!


Now for more serious business, I did not fancy any of these - being the typical cocktail and flavoured sake drinker.


Yutou Masamue ($51)


Miracle Sake Junmai ($29)


Mongai Sake ($19)
Feel free to engage their staff in a friendly conversation on your sake preferences, they are definitely able to find a perfect match - and we walked out with a bottle each!


Veggie Sticks ($5)
Wasabi Mayo, Green Onion Miso Dip

The dip was tasty enough for the vegetable sticks to be polished off so quickly, a dish that can be replicated at home!


Nikujaga ($5)
Pork, vegetables and potato stew

Very homemade, tasted straight out of the kitchen of an obaasan!


Oyakodon Set ($15)

These two dishes were hearty rice bowls, a dash of chilli powder will do the honours for a tasty course.


Cold Yuzu Noodle ($15)

Perfect for summer, this cold and sour noodle is served with a heap of ingredients.


Rice Ball with Fish Confit ($5)
Pufferfish, Tuna, Garlic

This could be the cheapest fugu fish anything in Singapore.


Tofu with Two Toppings ($5)
Gyoza sauce
Ginger Pickles, Chopped Ginger

I found tofu with gyoza dressing an innovative spin on this meatless gyoza.


Wasabi Salt/Garlic Soy Beef Steak Set ($25)

If the seasoning impresses, they retail bottles of the wasabi salt and garlic salt too!



Chocolate peanuts ($8/cup)

These are definitely different from the chewy dragees or even chocolates, these coated peanuts were so addictive!

Food is homecooked like they say, nothing gourmet nor spectacular - I suppose that is why combinis thrive in Japan because not all obaachans cook like the restaurant chefs do. Focus on the sake for a whale of good time, and perhaps cart home a bottle or two to continue the merriment. 

Ippin Cafe and Bar
18 Mohammad Sultan Road

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