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Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo @ East Coast Road

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Yong Tau Foo is perhaps one of the most misunderstood local dishes ever - misunderstood to be healthy when it really is not all so. Unless it is all steamed or boiled and eaten without sauces, it is really like any other local dish that we all queue for.

I first chanced upon Fu Lin YTF at Food Republic's outlet and subsequently cleanly forgot about this. Word has it that they have gone uppity at Chinatown with a bar concept to boot, I was satisfied with its flagship at East Coast Road.

Cravings come and go and I had to silence it one evening and seriously, it was so crowded on a Sunday night even. I wonder where else do people eat?


Their wall of accolades. Almost certifying it a must try.


Signature noodle set - 6 pieces of yong tau foo and  bowl of noodles doused in minced chicken sauce.


 These, liked minded folk on a Sunday night.


Every single item is deepfried and this suited our national preference for deepfried food to a T.


Particular mention goes to this deepfried seaweed that actually tastes like Towkay Noy from Bangkok! Only missing out on spices for the extra kick.


Every additional piece costs $0.60 with selected pieces costing $2-3 each. Signature items include cheese sausage and ngoh hiang.


I enjoyed my bowl of laksa noodle cooked till al dente and that very tasty mildly sweet minced chicken sauce.

Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo
721 East Coast Road

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