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FEA5T with Salt Grill and Sky Bar @ Ion Sky

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~Invited Session~


I was over the moon to be part of Salt Grill and Sky Bar's fabulous fifth birthday - a FEA5T they promised with 5 different chefs under the Salt Group flying in for one night only. 



 Instead of the usual butter and seasalt, there's Dukkah Spice for breads! I get super stoked when a meal starts off differently, maybe if dessert gets served first that would be the most memorable meal ever. 


Fresh off the oven, these fresh bakes are aromatic and so soft! I had to remind myself not to lose my appetite over bread and risk not having space for the other courses. Afterall, the evening was really very young even at 9pm!


Chef Shannon Binnie - Salt, Tokyo
Ayu, Grilled watermelon, Soy, Salsa verde 

A marriage of east and west in this dish with grilled watermelon and fish. Oddly, the concept of grilled watermelon worked for me with a mild charring and that sweetfish seasoned with a hint of soy - oiishi. 


Chef Ronald Li - Salt Tapas and bar, Singapore
Bacalao with butternut chutney, Batter pearl

Cod done two ways, in a confit and salted manner. The confit was coated in a crispy light batter and another seared over the grill and topped with butternut chutney and batter pearl. Both exhibited textures and wonderful flavour, kudos to our local chef for shining bright that night!


Chef MJ Olguera - Salt grill, Jakarta
Roast vanilla squab, Chocolate and bacon soil, Poached leeks, Yuzu sauce

An audacious creation of grilled baby pigeon and blood sausage.  While some may gawk at the usage of a baby pigeon, I thought it was a daring yet innovative intrepretation of game. Loved the elements that were put in the dish, an exceptionally clever usage of chocolate and bacon soil and yuzu sauce that barely looked the part. Sublime, is a huge understatement.


Chef Mathew Leighton - Salt grill and Sky bar, Singapore
Wagyu, Cauliflower, Horseradish, Beetroot, Watercress, Mizuna

I was most looking forward to this dish since beef is Salt Grill and Sky Bar's specialty, done medium rare this melt in the mouth cut is as promised a luxurious treat. The cauliflower mousse was a particular treat, a smooth savoury mousse.

While I did not last till dessert, I had the pleasure of drinks for company. 


A soda based chiller to kickstart the festivities.


Another concoction for the night, an alcholic one before the booze starts rolling.


Penfolds was the official drink sponsor for the night and all of the courses were paired with wines from their vineyards.

2014 Penfolds Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling, Barossa and Eden Valley
2013 Penfolds Bin 23 Pinot Noir, Adelaide Hills


2012 Penfolds Bin 389 Shiraz Cabernet, McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley 
2012 Penfolds Grenache Shiraz Mataro, South Australia
Penfolds 10 years old Father Grand Tawny 

Chef Luke Mangan - "Salt" Restaurateur, Australia

Uber bummed to miss out on this but I had a spectacular and very delicious night out. Thank you Salt Grill and Sky's wishing you more delicious and glorious years ahead! Now, I just need a ticket to Jakarta pronto and scoring a table at Salt Grill Jakarta. 

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