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Everton Creamery @ Everton Park

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Everton Creamery at Everton Park has been winning the hearts and stomachs of those working nearby and the residents with their sweet treats. I actually stumbled upon two icecream shops within the same vicinity, talk about a sweet toothed neighbourhood.


Price list for gelatos, brownies and waffles.


Each visit bring a variety of new flavours.


Happiness in a cup, I always approve.


Pistachio ($4.80)

There are only two premium flavours - pistachio and mao shan wang. The colour of my pistachio gelato was just the colour that the Italians shared have no further food colouring - I loved the richness and nuttiness of the pistachios and the creaminess catapulted me back to Italy.



This fruity creation  studded with blueberries and jam, great for an aftermeal dessert.

Coconut Caramello

This was overflowing with caramel, almost. A strange combination that worked for me, I enjoyed the coconut and caramel blend! My main grouse was, why did it have to melt so fast!

Mao Shan Wang

Hands down, the closest to the real deal in pungency and bitter sweetness. Perhaps they should make mooncakes too!

Pistachio appeared more green this time, whilst Black Sesame got me drooling after a sample. Peppered with sesame seeds, this was power packed with black sesame this would have been a black sesame concentrate.

With the exception of Pistachio and Mao Shan Wang, all flavours are priced at $4 per scoop. Everton Creamery gets my vote for favourite gelato place locally though some flavours can be a tad sweet. Service is warm mostly and get ready to fight the crowds at peak hours.

Everton Creamery
7 Everton Park

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