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Aloha Poké @ Amoy Street

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Amoy Street welcomes Aloha Poké into the neighbourhood. I have never step foot on USA, much less Hawaii so this is my first brush with Hawaiian cuisine. The owners were so enamored by the poké, they decided to inject a breath of fresh air to Amoy Street.

Poké education - a raw fish salad served in cafes all over Hawaii. It is a hawaiian verb for "slice or section" of the raw fish.

Highly recommended coconut water to pair with our Poké bowls.

Ordering is as simple as it can get - with the aid of an order sheet, just tick away!

The only available fish are salmon and tuna, other types of seasonal fish will be made available later! I have wild dreams about uni but the price would break a bank for sure. 

Each order comes with a base, choice of poké, add ons and superfood.

Lil Swell ($11.90)
Kale (+$1)
Wasabi Mayo Ahi Tuna, Cherry Tomatoes, Dried Grapes, Avocado

Choose from three sizes and I opted for Lil Swell that comes with a 75g scoop of poké. Ahi tuna it was and in wasabi mayo though I was so tempted to go head on with their spicy version which they claim "we mean it!". 

Kale has to be my next favourite greens apart from spinach. The combination worked for me, the tongue tingling spiciness, acidity of pineapples and sweetness of dried grapes. This was turning out to be a vegetarian's version of chirashi don...and better!

I was lucky to be given a sample of their spicy salmon which has undergone numerous rounds of spice revisions - alas, a spiciness that the foreigners would agree on. I am definitely sticking with my wasabi mayo!

Crowds were horrific during the soft opening week, I do expect the madness to continue. Will walk far for food and this is one of them. Dinners I hear are vastly different concepts, pop by to check it out!

Aloha Poké
92 Amoy Street

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