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'A Culinary Feast of Two Cities’ at Jade Restaurant @ Fullerton Hotel

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~Invited Session~


From 2 to 8 Nov 2015, Executive Chef Lai Ching-Shing of One Michelin Star Cantonese restaurant YUE at City Garden Hotel, Hong Kong,will collaborate with Jade restaurant’s Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng for the second time showcasing the creative flair and impressive culinary craftsmanship of the master chefs. 

Titled ‘A Culinary Feast of Two Cities’ (双城珍馐食单), the a la carte and set dinner menus feature well–executed dishes such as Steamed Minced Pork with Foie Gras and Scallops, Double-boiled Sea Whelk, Fish Maw and Morchella, Glutinous Rice Roll stuffed with Lotus Seed and Peanut Puree, Roast Suckling Pig with Fragrant Glutinous Rice, Simmered Egg Noodle with River King Prawn cooked in Fragrant Oil and more.

I had my hopes high for a gastronomical feast since I count Hong Kong as a second home, one that I am most willing to fly for just good food (on top of retail therapy and...spotting celebrities). 

Lunch and dinner menus are available during this period and the dishes attempted are part of the $98++ per pax menu.  


Chilled Fresh Abalone with Chinese Wine, Cherry Tomatoes in Pomelo Vinegar

Next to lobsters and monkfish, I count abalones as my BFFs from the ocean. This was sliced and replated in their shells and served with a tangy and very delectable sauce.  


Stir Fried Sliced Grouper with Truffle Egg While Accompanied with Superior Fish Maw Broth

Exquisitely made with egg whites, who would have thought that egg whites could have so many variations in textures. The egg white ball resembled a fishball quite mistakenly topped with truffle shaving and fish roe. 


A cantonese meal is definitely not complete without soup, a milky broth is served with gelatinous fish maw - collagen overload here but I am definitely not complaining!

Steamed Minced Pork with Foie Gras and Scallops


An award winning dish at Hong Kong Tourism Board's 2015 Best of Best Culinary Awards. The one that turned all heads and got all eyes fixated was the perfectly round sphere - all it took was a concerted jab and plop the juice splattered all over the pork patty. A modern take on steamed pork and salted egg, with more finesse. 

Now, where's my rice?


Poached Spiced Salt Water Kampong Chicken

Just like our hainanese chicken with more bite, the accompanying yellow ginger condiment is stellar on its own.


Fragrant Fried Rice with Prawns, Barbecued Pork and Diced Vegetables in XO Sauce

A cross between lotus leaf rice and fried rice, this flavourful rice dish is truly cantonese in its usage of ingredients and sauces.


Shaved Coconut Ice with Mango Accompanied with Glutinous Rice Roll and Chilled Roselle Rose Tea Pudding with Red Bean Puree

This dessert medley made me happy - infact, I love medleys because there's so much to offer and variety always makes me a thrilled eater. 


Mango shaved ice with more mango cubes, red bean and peanut glutinous rice rolls and...there's even an organic red berry jelly to end off the sweetness. Very thoughtfully put together and I enjoyed every element featured. 

Dishes are available in the ala carte menu, starting from $10 per person. There is also a special six-course set dinner menu at $98 and $118 per person. The above featured menu is priced at $98++. 

Jade Restaurant 
Fullerton Hotel

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