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Vita Italiana @ Mosque Street

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Vita Italiana is helmed by chef Jeremy and inspired by the Mediterranean, the folks at Vita Italiana bring together a love of life, food, and wine, making dining a true Italian family affair. I dropped by on a weekday afternoon and it was mostly empty - sure looks like I booked the whole restaurant!

Bismarck Pizza ($24)

I was disappointed with the overcooked egg on a doughy pizza base. Not the bestest of all pizzas but for 12 inches, this had the bang for my buck.

Set Lunch ($15)

3 courses for just $15 gets you soup, mains, dessert or a drink. A great deal I say for lunch since their mains already cost more than $15.

Cream of Brocolli was really delicious.

Tomato Penne turned out best eaten alongside the pizza that was overflowing with ingredients.

Instead of Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding, we opted for tea. A move that ended up being overcharged.

Check your bill properly because I ended up being charged for my Earl Grey that was supposedly included in the set. $4.50 was returned without the taxes and surcharge.

Vita Italiana is friendly and cosy but lacking some finesse that the finer establishments can offer. 

Vita Italiana Restaurant
38 Mosque Street

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