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Halia Revisited @ Raffles Hotel


Like an old friend, I paid Halia a visit recently. Somehow the new kids on the block did not appeal so much and in my memory, Halia does decent fare.


Whether or not it is at Botanic Gardens or Raffles Hotel, the vibe from Halia is still one of casual dining with lots of wood furniture and that large tree within the restaurant that has since been chopped of leaving just a tiny one in the middle.





Wagyu Beef Carpaccio ($20)
Wasabi, Radish, Pickled Ginger, Soy Ketchup

Next to having my beef grilled robata-style, having it served as a carpaccio is my idea of best way to eat Wagyu Beef. Ginger and soy ketchup did a major assault on the senses, totally rocking the appetizer and set the bar high for the rest of the meal. Superb stuff.


Asparagus Salad ($22)
Poached Egg, Bacon, Truffle, Parmesan, Hazelnut

I love asparagus and probably do not eat it as often as I like to but this dish made me crave asparagus for the meals after. Beautifully burnt, the burnt ends were charred yet still very enjoyable with that wobbly poached egg and truffle shavings.


Halia Chilli Crab ($26)
Spaghetti, Spring Onion, Egg

Next to Chilli Crab and fried mantou, I consider this a good and close alternative. Why have to dirty your hands when you don't have to? Packs a spicy kick though more fire would be ideal but that spicy savoury mix worked, plus those tangy notes, a homerun for me.


Seafood Gratin ($30)
Pignolin Pasta, Basil, Parmesan, Olive Oil 

Not to be outdone, the pasta dishes continue on a high with seafood gratin. The weird thing is, gratins hardly work for me, and this did. A ton of cheese, pignolin pasta that gave this a much needed chewiness and heartiness and a copious amount of seafood - I was in heaven.

I was so stoked by the first visit, I had dinner that within the same week. Talk about obsession, sometimes.


Night time at Halia transforms into a place so romantic, I would have said "I DO" here too!




Carrot Ginger Soup ($6)

Vegetable soup for the soul, I gladly christian this.


Seaweed and Wasabi Fries ($6)

These tasted like shaker fries from Mcdonalds somehow.



Halia Chilli Crab ($26)
Spaghetti, Spring Onion, Egg

The revisit was so good, I had to have seconds and thirds all within the same week. The sauce was a love-hate for the companions though, deeming it too sweet but I am liking that regardless.


Twice cooked Spatch Cock of Spring Chicken ($35)
Parprika, Mesquite Spice, Choice of Side

I would imagine spatch cock to be tiny, what more of a spring chicken. Off the grill, this juicy number was served sprawling on the chopping board, not the most flattering of poses my dear chick. Loved the spice rub, hence the finger licking moments.


My side was well, a bowl of greens. A tiny one.


Slow Cooked Canadian Pork Loin ($33)

Western take on sio bak, missing out on the spices and flavour. I loved the pork cackling here, but that was really just it.


Sticky Toffee Pudding ($10)
Date, Butterscotch Sauce, Sea Salt, Vanilla Ice-cream

Rounding things up with a classic sticky date, the way I have always had it years back. Sticky, sweet and filled with dates.

Brunch turned out a more satisfying affair at Halia, or perhaps it was the overkill of having too many meals within the same week. Absence, truly makes the heart and stomach fonder.

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