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Wan Li Restaurant @ Hotel Renaissance, Johor


I had been searching for a Chinese restaurant in JB to celebrate and occasion and after socuring so many blogs, we finally decided on Wan Li Restaurant at Hotel Renaissance. I made reservations at 1230pm but could only arrive an hour later - no pushy phone calls and our table was still available.


Braised nuts and chilli sauce.


Our first order and a famed Wan Li dish too.


Roast Duck

Their version was on par with what we had locally and way cheaper. I could have nitpicked at the manner the duck was handled and the amount of fat left on the chopped meat but at less than half the price, I really had nothing to complain.


Peking duck rolls, sedap niaaa.


Crispy Durian Prawns

This could be the most audacious version of crispy prawns - paired with a pungent durian pulp coating each prawn generously. The bitter sweetness made this an acquired dish though the durian fanatics adored it.


Deep Fried Taro Croquette (RM 8.80)

I loved the crisp exterior and yammy fillings but finding chicken used was a surprise indeed. Well, it is a Halal dimsum place afterall.


Stir Fried Radish Cake with Bean Sprouts in Dried Shrimp Paste (RM 9.80)

Very close to the real deal, loved the wok hei and flavours.


Superior Siew Mai (RM 8.80)

Chicken siew mai however, is a major no-no. Chicken can never quite replace pork in this particular dimsum that tasted machine made.


Steamed Bean Curd Sheet Rolls with Oyster Sauce (RM 8.80)

A reasonably decent attempt I'd say.


Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Rolls with Prawn (RM 8.80)

Light and crisp without any of the oil traces, delicious!


Pan Fried Glutinous Rice (RM 9.80)

This has to be a first in the history of my dimsum eating experiences.


Fried glutinous rice stuffed with chicken char siew fillings and pan fried. Definitely not for the weight watcher, while it may not have looked the part, it tasted way better than that. A creative take, mesays.


Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf (RM 8.80)


More of the same chicken char siew fillings existed in the traditional lotus leaf rice. I found this an overkill with all the redness going on.


Baked BBQ Chicken Pastry (RM 8.80)

At this point, I can almost guess what filled these pastries - chicken char siew. Possibly the closest to the real deal since char siew was also used except it was chicken.


Steamed Golden Custard Buns (RM 8.80)


Golden drops of custard in a pillowy soft bun, I liked the consistency of the salted egg yolk custard in the steaming hot bun.


Fried Rice

Lacking in wok hei yet it made up in portions. The waitress proposed a large portion claiming that it would feed us decent but after all that we had, this was too much to accomplish.


Baked Egg Tarts (RM 8.80) 

A decent bake as compared to the hits and misses encountered during lunch.

This was a halal dimsum lunch with an experience to take home, they fare better for ala carte dishes and I would recommend watching the portions. The recommendations given were not a good gauge for consideration.

Wan Li
Hotel Renaissance 

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