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The Sugar Pantry @ Jaya Permas, Johor

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All it took was a single rose confectionery creation for me to track The Sugar Pantry Patisserie down. Located in Permas Mall, this outlet is comfy and cosy and thankfully not crowded for a weekend afternoon though diners started streaming in after we placed our orders.


Bundle of Sunshine (RM 11.90)

"When life throws you thorns, find roses." A more than apt quote I say and for those who lament roses wilting, this may just be your answer to it.

This could be the perfect Valentine's Day gift. 


A chocolate shelled layered mousse cake with hints of rose and raspberry. The milk taste was obvious and the mousse was not as light as smooth as I would have preferred. 


Flan (RM 8.90)
Vanilla custard, almond shortcrust

Once again the milk taste got to me in this awkward flan - stiff custard and a short crust that should have seen better days.


Single shot espresso (RM 5.50) straight off the Nespresso machine, cannot go very wrong.


Sangria (RM9)
Fruit tisane with aroma of apples and oranges

This was mistaken for a cocktail but turned out to be a flavoured tea, a lady's drink infact for its fruity notes.

I thought this pantry fell short of expectations and had heaps to work on - not worth a visit across the causeway for.

The Sugar Pantry
G-03, Blk B, Permas Mall, 03 Jalan Permas Utara, Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru

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