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The Rockin' Diner @ Club Street

~Invited session~


The Rockin’ Diner is an expansion of The Mustard Incident located at 11 Club Street. Previously located in TANGS Basement One, The Rockin’ Diner serves up gourmet hot dogs, American diner favourites and imported artisan beer.


Spacious seating arrangements are available for cosy dinners and large gatherings.


With a fuller menu and a vast selection of imported international beers to match, The Rockin’ Diner takes heavy influence from the San Francisco and Hawaiian diners and bars that owner Kelly Koh is keenly familiar with.

Menu on the wall written with markers, makes the menu more permanent! 


Spam Fries ($9.99)
Bacon Fries ($12.99)

We were served half portions of each and actual portions are double of what you see. I can never say no to junk food and the bacon fries are a must! Streaky bacon wrapped around thick cut fries - I recommend dunking them in the aioli sauce provided.


Beanless Chilli ($7.99)

Made with coffee, chillies and beef, the spicy ride is easy to hop on for chilli padi lovers like myself. Almost tongue biting and with a pleasant coffee aroma that makes this chilli con carne a mighty delicious number.


The Frankenstein ($11.99)
Beef Frankfurter, Pork Frankfurter, Bacon, TMI's Bean-less Chilli, Hawt Sauce, Caramelised Onions

Be in for a messy ride when tucking into this beef and pork hot dog, christianed The Frankenstein. Almost the Carl's Junior equivalent of hot dogs, The Frankenstein promises satisfaction and mess.


Unnamed Dog
Veal Sausage, Foie Gras, Purple Mustard

At the point of tasting sometime in April, this was yet to be named. The selling point had to be their home made purple mustard that not only creates a statement but also doubles up as a wicked condiment for the indulgent veal sausage and crispy foie gras.


Little Italy’s Killa’ Lasagne

I have never quite eaten lasagne with toast and The Rockin' Diner has overturned the tables on the diehards with a lasagne layered with The Mustard Incident’s best-selling bean-less chilli, topped generously with cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

Lots of oomph expected for this.


Philadelphia Cheese Steak ($15.99)
Fillet Steak, Caramelised Onions, Sauteed Peppers, 3 Cheeses, Ciabatta Bread

The amazing thing about their fillings is, they are overly generous which results in alot of mess eating and I am certainly not complaining. This cheese steak is hearty and wholesome, melted cheese greets me with every greedy bite.

And for reasons not known to many, I would always choose bread over rice.


Nutella-missu ($6.99)

Nutella takes the usual tiramisu recipe by storm with a truckload of gooey chocolatey goodness.


Reeses Peanut Butter Oreo Pie

Trust Kelly to nail this complicated sounding pie to a T, rich is definitely an understatement trying to consume the pie on my own. Ask for it as it is not on the menu yet.


Beers and ciders make most of their beverage list.


Half pint.


Pear ciders are a good alternative to apple.


How about some Chimay to wash down all of the grease?

Apart from the pricing that sees heaps of 9s, the food is downright hearty and very earnest. Kelly uses only pure handpicked premium beef cuts, a sign of his commitment to serving his customers “simple, no-nonsense, real food with no fillers”.

The Rockin' Diner
11 Club Street

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