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The Manhattan FISH MARKET caught a COW in their fishing net!

~Invited Session~


The Manhattan FISH MARKET has gone fishin' and returned with a limited time offer -Introducing Beefier Catch, the brand’s latest series of four dishes spotlighting beef. According to the casual American-style seafood restaurant’s sea-cret sources, The Manhattan FISH MARKET is one of the pioneers when it comes to serving Beef Rib at local casual dining chains – a move that redefines Beef ‘n Reef! 


With the demise of A and W, root beer floats have been far and few.


Lemongrass Cooler ($6)
lemongrass, lychee and aloe vera, our icy Chamomile tea

Perfect chiller for the ridiculous weather these days, especially the lychee and aloe vera bits that made this extra refreshing. 


Sweet Alabama ($6.50)
chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla ice-cream

Reminded me of chunky monkey in a milkshake, a toothsome treat!


Handmade Beef Patty and Bouillabaisse” ($16.95)

A beef patty on a toasted burger bun in a seafood river of yum. I loved everything about this and it was a tussle between surf and turf for a clear favourite.


Handmade Beef Patty and Tempura Prawns Burger ($15.95)

A continuation of the beef patty exists with crispy tempura prawn bites in a burger. I would love to have the crispy tempura prawns as a side even!


Oven Baked Beef Rib and Grilled Ocean Perch ($25.95)


Oven Baked Beef Ribs and Flaming Prawns ($23.95)


The beef ribs were on the chewy side with tons of jaw work needed to make it through the medium cooked ribs which is a pity since the portions were really generous and they looked great with the sear.

The dishes featured above are available from now till 31 May 2015 at all 16 outlets island wide.

The Manhattan FISH MARKET 

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