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Sinpopo Brand Revisited @ Joo Chiat Road

~Invited Session~


Sinpopo was all about 1960s decor, dessert and mains was by the way so much so it ended up being a spot for photography more so than a bustling place for food. Hence the revamp and word has it that the place has been buzzing since.


The all new Sinpopo Brand features previous star items and also dishes from Everything With Fries.


Take me away?


Call me?


Sng Muay Pop ($5)
Sour plum iceballs


I love my Sng Muay and love this Sng Muay Pop even more. Cleverly made with frozen sng muay ball cubes and served with 7 Up, concentrated sng muay syrup and limes, this fizzy dizzy drink was the antidote to the scorching temperatures we have been experiencing.  


Kopi Peng by Sinpopo ($6)
Local butter roasted beans, vanilla bean cream

So aromatic, this rich number would have made limming kopi in the past one indulgent treat!


If all else fails, iced Kopi Bing is here to save the heat!


Frisee Salad with Crispy Muah Chee ($10)
Frisee lettuce, battered muah chee, sesame shimeiji tops, nori, garlic hollandaise sauce

There are a number of firsts achieved in a single bowl of greens, a first having mua chee part of a savoury dish, a first liking hollandaise sauce in my greens and a first actually wishing there were more to go around. Apart from clever, I do not have better words for this combination of sweet and savoury. The muah chee certainly gave this a gritty and gummy texture.  


Crab Wantons ($8)
House dip


Stuffed with fresh crab meat, this made pedestrian wantons look and taste so ordinary.


Nasi Lemak Platter ($25)
Rojak slaw, ma ling luncheon chips, sambal fishballs, roasted potatoes and curry, har jeong kai wings









For two, this showcases a fluffy and fragrant coconut rice with seven small plates - almost like Nasi Lemak deconstructed with hints of Nonya influences. Notably missing items from the typical banana leaf nasi lemak were fried ikan kunning but otherwise, the mod interpretation was a lovely first for us! Personal favourites from the platter includes a very lemak potato curry, an onsen egg served with pickled onions and a finger licking yummy har jeong kai chicken.

Spice, is not the top of their agenda for this communal dining item. Whilst the dishes are more manageable portions from their appetizer category, the usual pork belly was replaced by a sweet muah chee during my visit. 


Sinpopo Beef Shortrib Horfun ($16)
Sliced beef, crispy hor fun

I had my reservations for this truth be told, crispy hor fun made it sound like sang mee somehow. We actually loved it! Hor fun coated with a light batter and fried till it resembled fish maw, the sliced beef was so tender, this would have been the heartiest short rib hor fun ever eaten. Premium indeed for using short rib, but so so worth it. 


Durian Pengat ($9)
Browned butter croutons, coconut icecream

This was a creamy and occasionally pulpy dessert served with crunchy croutons and a refreshing coconut icecream.


Chilled Pandan Souffle ($9)
Almond streusel, sesame dentelle

Next to pandan chiffon and pandan kaya, I count this pandan souffle as a third favourite. Inspired by the hot souffle, this is served chilled instead. Almost like pandan icecream, it is rich and very tasty. The crunchy almond streusel and sesame dentelle were lovely accompaniments with the cold and sweet souffle.  


Gula Melaka Cake ($7)

I would imagine gula melaka cake to be jaw achingly sweet, yet this was none of that. Instead, there were incredibly soft layers buttered with a frosting and drizzled with gula melaka. Not the best looking in a row of cakes but it was so darn good. 


Sinpopo, welcome back into the game. I loved the food more than I ever did and though the trade off came in the form of more modern fittings, I say I am lovin' it. 

Sinpopo Brand
458 Joo Chiat Road 

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