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Salahuddin Bakery @ Jalan Dhoby

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We chanced upon Salahuddin Bakery en route to Hua Bee Restaurant for their amazing butter coffee and Hiap Joo Bakery for the best banana cakes ever. Infact, a motorist stopped his bike and hobbled in and we followed suit.


The old Indian Man had these rows of freshly baked goodies infront of him and we went wild wanting to buy everything he had.


The man and his hynoptic words - he claimed he was from somewhere far enough and had biked down just for these buns. With such a convincing testimony, how not to be convinced?


Racks of metal tins left to cool, I wonder just how many loaves does he bake a day!


Trays and trays of these bread loaves and the back of my mind wonders how much baking powder did he add to the mix to make it rise so high!


Cream hornes anyone? I was tempted but the sheer size did put me off.

More of the bakes.


Wall of fame, starting from a generations back.

In the end, we only bought a curry puff and a couple of buns to satisfy our curiosity. The curry puff was bland, had a pastry too thick and was far from delightful.


Not a fan of the coconut filling but I loved the dense bun!


Kaya in comparison was alot more favourable, the kaya and bun ratio was also done well.

Salahuddin Bakery
26, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru

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