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Nespresso launched a limited edition Monsoon Malabar - Ship ahoy!

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~Product Review~

Nespresso goes to great lengths to create extraordinary coffee experiences and this new Limited Edition Grand Cru Monsoon Malabar will take coffee lovers on a voyage of discovery. With the new Limited Edition, Nespresso has combined all of the modern know-how of the coffee experts, a historic coffee process that takes place on the Malabar Coast and the highest quality coffee beans to create a beautiful coffee experience.


Gorgeous, just too gorgeous this press kit was...I wish I were whisked off on a holiday!


Even the capsules come with prints - spells collectibles, don't you think?

With an intensity of 8, Monsoon Malabar is an intense coffee with a bold character and unique taste, offering a silky smooth texture. Bearing cereal and biscuit notes with woody and nutty hints, this is best enjoyed neat or paired with milk.


I took things into my own stove and used this in a popular Filipino dessert - Coffee Jelly. 

I made minor tweaks to this recipe;

 2 cups of Monsoon Malabar Coffee 
2 tablespoons of water
3 teaspoons of gelatine
1 teaspoon of sugar

Boil the coffee and water over the stove, simmer and stir in the gelatine and sugar. Adjust sweetness accordingly. I chilled my jelly overnight and achieved the uber wobbly texture! Success! Perfect with icecream and it went well with both the caffeine and non caffeine addicts in the family. 

Monsoon Malabar is available from 2 April at Nespresso Boutiques, online at or via the Nespresso Mobile App for a limited period of time. Each sleeve retails at $12. 

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