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Momo Cafe @ Duxton Hill

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Momo Cafe, next to Group Therapy Cafe has since rebranded itself with new offerings on the menu. The colleagues mentioned that they used to have a really good rainbow cake but rebranding also meant it got removed too.

Farmer's Harvest ($10)

A fried food basket of sweet potatoes, potatoes and lotus root served with a aioli cream sauce. None of them stood out for decent, mostly missing the mark even as ordinary.

Curry Chicken with Bread ($12)

This actually tasted tons better than the fries and quiche, methinks it is straight out of a precooked pot though.  

Ham Quiche ($13)

We had two orders of this and the first arrived looking delicious, whilst the second took eternity to arrive. And when it did, it was burnt. Kudos to the cafe for willingly changing it though I don't see why they would even serve this to any customer.

The second time my quiche arrived, it was a tad undercooked with its juices still intact. A somewhat bland thin crusted quiche.

Things do not look that peachy for this cafe Another that bites the dust, teething problems maybe but I am not for a return.

Momo Cafe
47 Duxton Rd

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